About Us

RBI Academy is a training institution set up by the Reserve Bank of India for imparting trainings on topics of relevance to Central Bankers, Regulators and Supervisors around the globe. The Academy has been offering flagship courses since 2016 with theoretical underpinnings on various subjects like Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Corporate Finance, Statistics, Econometrics, Information Technology, Risk Management, Financial markets, Human Resource Analytics, Cyber Security, DSGE Modelling, Big Data etc. Rigorous courses on these topics are designed to strengthen the foundational concepts and build tools and techniques on them for applications in crucial central banking areas.

The faculty is sourced from Top academic institutions like Yale, NYU Stern,Stanford, Indian Institute of Management, Indian Statistical Institute, Indian Institute of Technology and other such reputed institutions. Practitioners from Ernst & Young, Oliver Wyman, ISACA and their likes are invited to give participants the applied perspective.The long-term vision of the Academy is to grow as a regional hub for capacity building within Central Banks of developing countries.


RBI Academy will be a world class institution imparting knowledge, fostering discussion and carrying out high end trainings on all issues concerning Central Banks across the globe. Programs conducted here would cover topics of relevance to Central Bankers, Regulators and Supervisors around the world with special focus initially on India.


To groom well rounded Central Bankers through a process of continuous learning and development.

RBI Academy Logo - Explanation of the symbol

The Logo of RBI Academy as depicted above shows a symbolic hand holding the RBI Logo and a flame rising around it. This is piercing a triangle which is gradually fading towards the far end.

  • The hand is the Academy and its erudite faculty who are sculpting and carrying the young minds of RBI officers forward.
  • The flame depicts the fact that RBI Academy will light a fire of inquisitive knowledge - seeking in the minds of persons coming in contact with the Academy and instil knowledge, confidence and attitude in their minds.

The triangle depicts the pyramid of uncertainty and the unknown. The Academy is depicted to be piercing the triangle and surging ahead with the flame of knowledge.

Partner Institutions

RBI Academy has engaged with faculties from leading educational institutions like IIMs, IITs, ISI Delhi, Delhi School of Economics, South Asian University, Shri Ram College of Commerce to conduct specialised and tailormade training programmes for our officers. The Academy has also partnered with organizations like Federal Reserve, IMF SARTTAC, ISACA, Oliver Wyman, etc. to offer highly customized functional training programmes.

The Academy has conducted 112 training programs in its five core verticals for 3824 participants from the Bank and 242 participants from Commercial Banks, Other Central Banks and related Institutions.

Area wise Training Programmes conducted by the RBI Academy
S.No. Academic Area Number of Programs Number of Officers trained Number of Days
1 Economics and Finance 40 1652 185
2 Human Resource 24 532 55
3 Information Technology 23 828 175
4 Regulation and Supervision 16 462 40
5 Risk Management 09 350 32
Total 112 3824 487

(updated till January 12, 2022)

Orgnisational Structure

Orgnisational Structure